Welcome to my professional life boiled down into (1) a resume, (2) three words, or (3) a blurb format. You choose what you have time for.

What I look like in a resume format (as of January 2015)


Who I am in three words

One Quirky Bird

Who I am in blurb format

Christine Ciarmello is a road warrior, having lived in many places, including New Orleans, Athens, London and the West Indies—which spurred an early interest in different cultures and the foods and drinks of the world. She has created an award-winning travel column for her home magazine, New Orleans Magazine. Later, she served as editor-in-chief of international travel magazine, Islands. Christine went on to one of the largest circulation magazines in the country, Sunset Magazine, where she re-launched the travel section as well as created, launched and managed its culture blog, Westphoria. She was the deputy editor. Amassing 15 years experience, Christine has taken her skills of storytelling and knowledge of world geography to continue creating content for some of the biggest names in travel publishing like Afar, Travel + Leisure, Virgin Atlantic, and Saveur as well as the local pubs like 805 Living, Pebble Beach, 7×7, and San Francisco. She also uses her love of strategy and magazine-making to help brands fine-tune unique messaging, including Visit Oakland and Joie de Vivre Hotels, where she is the editor of the blog, Joyride. She holds a B.S. in film writing and production from Syracuse University’s S.I. School of Public Communications. Christine also studied art history in London, dug dirt for an archaeology program in Antigua, and lived on Bequia for a year. Her passport has even fallen into the Caribbean Sea—and there it is sunk in perpetuity for divers to find.