Taco City … Charleston?

Minero taco

Photo Andrew Celbulka

Is a taco enough reason to visit a city? I think so. Charleston, South Carolina has been getting so much ink in the past two years that it’s a little maddening to give more of the same. But when you’re hot, you’re hot. And this time it’s about the taco — not a snack often associated with low country. Shrimp and grits, yes. Tacos? That belongs to those bordering states.

It seems chef Sean Brock of Minero (a James-Beard winner) has had a fascination with corn for a while. So it’s good that he lives in grit & cornbread country. Legend has it that Brock and crew tasted 40 varieties of corn before settling on the three they’d use to make the tortillas at this casual restaurant that opened last November.

Minero (and the hands that work it) have done such a heavenly job that the restaurant is spreading its taco gospel. It will open a second location in Atlanta this summer. Now, I’m pretty sure that is definitely not taco country. Either tacos are on fire or Brock is.

I leave you with a few words: Fried catfish taco, hot dog confit and deli ham torta, mezcal.

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