Spain’s Hotel Suite for Music Lovers

The Party Person Music Lover's Hotel in Ibiza

Are you the type of traveler who likes to take party vacations? You are all about the night scene rather than the day scene? You are a socialite that fills your nights with dance parties, DJs, and other awkward party situation. I would really like to go into training with you, because I am so not that person, and I really don’t know how to be. But I could be tempted to be a wind-me-up-never-wind-me-down dance-traveler with one of the suites at Spain’s Ushuaïa Ibiza Hotel, which is on the legendary d’en Bossa beach.

At the very least if I were booked in the Oh-My-God suite, I can get away with doing the following.

  • Sleep: It’s got a double canopy bed.
  • Run to the beach unseen: It’s next to the beach.
  • Jacooz: It’s got an indoor Jacuzzi.
  • Ordering room service without having to confront room service: There’s a dumbwaiter.

I don’t even like to party, and I’m thinking of going on a bender in Ibiza. Other party things of note: wine refrigerator, a stocked bar, a pillow menu and a sheet menu, video game console, private check-in, special priority for the sun beds, aromatherapy and chromatherapy in suite.

In fact, I would argue that the suite is great for people who don’t like to party. Because really you can do it all from your room.

Guests can even take master classes in DJism (my word, not theirs), and use the sailboat.

The Oh-My-God suite is only the tip.

The Party Suite in Ibiza, Spain

There are suites that have great views of the music stage, there are huge suites (Size Does Matter), there are VIP boxes near the beach. There is the Swim Up Bed/Room.

Party Hotel in Spain's Ibiza

I could do this. It’s the hotel to be seen at, but you never really have to be seen.

Ibiza's Party Hotel and Best Suites ushuia-front-row-suite

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