The trousseau is back


Is is time to bring back the trousseau?  That essential kit that the bride needed for her new household? The answer could be ‘yes.’ Not because women have any desire to go back to those days romanticized in turn-of-the-century English novels. But because we are collectively falling all over ourselves to buy things that come in neat little boxes or kits.

Yet another very cool one.

All the essentials for your new kitchen chosen by a couple who values their well-made tools come in the Malle W. Trousseau. This company sells three boxes. Buy them here. Or start your own U.S.-based company.

Shown is the Cut Tray.

  1. Spice grinder
  2. Office knife
  3. Slicing knife
  4. Santoku knife
  5. Meat fork
  6. Walnut cutting board
  7. Corsican knife
  8. Copper ladle
  9. Copper skimmer
  10. Peelers
  11. Grinding stone
  12. Maple spatula
  13. Welcome apron
  14. Stainless steel soap

What do you think?