What’s the most picturesque place in the World?


Salamanca in Northwest Spain. Courtesy of Picfari

What’s the most picturesque place in the World? You might want to ask the Herr family. The Southern California family loves to travel nationally and internationally, and they do a lot of it. With the camera in tow. Mostly, that was fine. But then the travels became slightly more problematic. Dad Scott, it turned out, was a snapaholic. And it was affecting the family. He would hold up the day, angling in on that best shot, waiting for the best light, searching for the viewpoint that would capture it.  The day he got separated from his posse, the family decided it was time for an intervention. They sat down and collectively came up with a solution that could only happen in the 21st century.

Create an app that shows travelers on a virtual map where to get the best shots of iconic as well as simply beautiful places. It takes less time to find good photo viewpoints because shots are paired with the exact GPS coordinates. It also helps the families of snapaholics by letting the entire family plan an itinerary together, weaving in some great photo ops along the way. They called it Picfari.

How do you know if you are a snapaholic?

Symptoms may include.

1. You are so busy taking a shot and looking in the viewfinder that you lose track of your traveling companion.

2. No one is allowed to touch the local-special food until you’ve shot it.

3. You insist on being at a famous landmark at the golden hour despite the fact that it’s not at all convenient to the rest of the itinerary. Or that your companion (s) really don’t want to wake a little before dawn or stay when the mosquitoes start to dive-bomb tourists.

4. It’s nearly impossible for you to enjoy a romantic sunset, without the camera.

5. You need an extra piece of luggage for your camera equipment (if you are on assignment, this does not include you.). And/or you have paid extra-weight baggage fees.

6. It’s the middle of an epic touring day and you run out of space on your card or your lens breaks or your batteries run out. Can you enjoy the rest of the day? If not, you may have a problem…

Seek help at Picfari. It’ll be easy to get a shot like this of Angkor Wat.

And, what do you think of photo-taking on vacations. Should there be a limit? What’s too much time? Any other signs of Snapaholicism?


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

What do you think?