Escaping America

American Samoa

Photograph by Jon Whittle for Islands magazine

Written by Christine Ciarmello

Publication: ISLANDS magazine

Issue date: August/September 2013 feature

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Backstory:  I interviewed five people who made the leap to live and work in other countries, proving the American Dream is still alive. It’s just not in America anymore. I did a lot of research beforehand. So I actually talked to more people than were used in this article.  The message was the same for many of them: It’s not as tough as you think; it’s only fear that holds us back.

As one expat told me:

The hardest hurdle for most people is believing that it can really be done. Anyone who tries this with half a heart will fail. I describe it like cliff jumping. Once you make the commitment to leap, you must do it correctly or disaster may prevail. Was I afraid? Yes, of course BUT be afraid. Allow yourself to push that envelope, allow yourself to experience a bit of discomfort. It is many folks’ fear of being afraid or of failure that things won’t work out that prevents them from pursuing their dreams. However, like the cliff-jump, once you’ve committed, everything prior to that does not matter.



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