The latest profession: food sherpas

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Malaysian food specialty: laksa

Hire a local to bring you off-the-eaten path. Read it at the New York Times here. Move over Yelp reviewers, here come the sherpas. Just to be clear, I’d rather pay locals to guide me to hidden food spots in towns I don’t know rather than access Yelp reviews. I’m not really sure how the two are different, since, technically, it’s mostly locals that write reviews on Yelp. Yet, the reviewers seem to lack … knowledge and … grammar skills. They are just people who crave a forum for their silly food ramblings. If the New York Times printed sentences like below, where would we all be educationally speaking? Why is this type of review even legal? Would we ever eat good food again?

“During our wait, we were asked if we wanted drinks, everyone received their drinks, however mine came out about 15-20 mins later…I literally ordered a coke. The soup I ordered came out incorrectly also my friend’s pizza came out incorrectly as well.  Totally don’t understand why they didn’t have it together.”


“Tables are crammed together and we could smell our neighbors cologne and perfumes. to be fair, it’s not a terrible restaurant as i make it sound, but it’s not exceptional either.”




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