Chic & Cheap Caribbean




Admiral’s Inn, Antigua


Written by Christine Ciarmello

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Publication: Originally published on Picked up on Business Insider

Issue date: Went live January 2014

Why I wrote this story: Last year, I got eloped in the Caribbean and couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a small hotel for under $250 per night that didn’t need serious tszuj’ing. I do like a little pretty surrounding me. I’m turned off by inside/outside flooring, crappy breakfast offerings, old-fashioned roadside toilets and/or stiff bedspreads. The room should feel like it’s got a little Caribbean personality not like it’s a kill shack on the side of an Interstate. I do like to hang in my room, read, and relax, especially when in the Caribbean. Europe-eh, we’re out and about. But tropical destinations, I find a room to be key.

I am sorry that I couldn’t include the place I got eloped, The Atlantis Hotel, in Barbados. They are the bomb! But the published rates came in at $275, though they do offer lower rates often.

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