A stylish Tokyo hotel for $70


In Tokyo, not all the hotels are reach-to-the-sky, multi-floor units. Found: a very charming, reasonably priced hotel with heaps of style. It’s one of those multi-purpose hotels that encourages the mix of residents with community.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I’m going to Tokyo in a few weeks, and I thought I’d not be able to find any hotels except soaring, glitzy super-structures. As usual, I want something with charming character, an inn that’s affordable, where you don’t feel lost in hallways of hell. You can just imagine that Tokyo would have to be a mostly vertical city given a population of 13.4 million.

There was one place that caught my attention, though, amid all the skyscrapers: Claska in Meguro. Its 1969 roots are evident from the outside, which is just fine by me. It looks like children’s blocks or belt studs. It was formerly the Hotel Meguro. Claska renovated it and opened in 2008.

Despite a 40-plus year-old exterior, the inside is very 21st century design-y. And it only has 20 rooms and a modest amount of floors. Each room is individually designed. The hotel, it seems, will also design residences.

Everything is very clever. One room has a wood wall that has cut outs. A cute table pops in and out. The next room is all about botanicals. Then, there’s a gallery, a shop, studio (for special events) and pretty dining room. I think what I love the most is that they have a photo of all their dishes, including the desserts served at tea time.


Photo: Claska



Photo: Claska

The rooftop terrace is for everyone’s use, but for 10,000 ¥ ($97), you can reserve a private party for two. Romantic. The popular DogMan pet grooming salon is in the hotel as well.

Oh, and the hotel is reasonably priced, starting at ¥ 7,500 per night ($68).

What do you think?