Chic and Cheap Hawaii


Photo Flickr by Eric B. Johnson

Written by me, Christine Ciarmello

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Publication: Originally published on Picked up on Business Insider

Issue date: Went live April 2014

Why I wrote this story: Hawaii has to be my new Caribbean, because I live in San Francisco. I love you, Caribbean, but you are so difficult to get to from the West Coast. In my experiences in Hawaii, condos and compound resorts filled the shores. I think these are great for families and even the super lazy quick getaway. But I’m more a hotel gal who doesn’t like to be behind a gate. So when I go to Hawaii, I find the original charm. These are the places I found.


Here’s a photo of the interior of Waimea Plantation Cottages


Waimea Plantation Cottages on Kauai by Wendy Cutler via Flickr

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