Treehouse hotel: A mod-European hideaway


Photo courtesy of the resort

There’s an unmistakable allure to treehouses. For example, I would stay in a treehouse but I will never stay in a tent, unless said tent has heating and plumbing. In which case it sort of ceases being a tent and gets promoted to hotel room. In which case, you’d be partaking in the activity of “glamping” and not camping.

What does a treehouse become when it adds heat and plumbing? As in designer bathrooms with floor heating and radiators heating. That leaves us with a hole in our vocabulary. Any suggestions? In the photo above, they look like modular creatures roaming through the forest.


Photo courtesy of resort

These four 21st  treehouses wedged in the Hansel & Gretel forest of Lower Saxony in Germany are about 40 minutes from the North Sea. To the owners of these sweet larch wood treehouses, it has become Resort Baumgeflüster. It sits in the midst of moors, heather, forest and meadows surrounded by 380 kilometers of well-marked walking and cycling trails. There are no TVs, no radios, but there is Internet and cell phone (darn, no one dare annoy business people on “vacation”).

Forget the s’mores. This place invites you to bake bread on a stick over the campfire. And it’s at camping prices (practically). 109-124 euros per night, if you stay two nights.



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  • I keep telling my husband that I want him to build me one of these spectacles in our backyard. And after reading your article, I want one even more! Tree houses are nostalgic. They remind me of my childhood and also serve as a mini escape from your own home or a haven away from your own home. How about tree haven? Thanks for sharing.

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